Waseem Ali

Head of Data Strategy


Waseem Ali is the Head of Data Strategy for Lloyd’s of London. He is a statistician by background and from this, has a true passion for using data and statistics to support businesses’ in decision-making. His career to date includes analytical positions at organisations including the NHS, Capita and Virgin Care. At Virgin Care, he lead a team of analysts to manage ‘all things data’ for an organisation of 6,000+ workforce.

He is chairman of a small consultancy company called Cloudstream Partners who specialise in Tableau and Alteryx consultancy for a range of different sectors and clients.

His role at Lloyd’s is all about Customer Engagement, and demystifying this ‘black box’ which is data. 90% of his time is spent talking and engaging with customers to understand their needs and wants from data, and educating them on how to get more value from data. His data strategy involves: Making data more secure, accessible and action driven; all whilst increasing data literacy for the corporation and market.