Justin Mullen



Experienced leader in enterprise data management for 30 years, largely the areas of data analytics, data integration, big data, governance, risk, performance management, & digital processes (workflow, etc.) Focus is utilising cloud based solutions and data technology to store, manage, cleanse and drive insight out of the data and information generated by organisations. Skilled at understanding organisations, how they operate, their culture and their problems working predominately at senior management and board level. Co-founder and Managing Director at Datalytyx, one of the leading UK data integration and data analytics companies using big data technology to solve big data and difficult data problems. At Datalytyx, we enable executives and IT leaders manage vast volumes of IoT sensor data and employ the truest principles of DataOps (DevOps for Data) to deliver better data faster. Co-author of the 2020 DataOps Philosophy - #TrueDataOps (www.truedataops.org) and DataOps for Dummies.