Bram Vandeninden

Geo-Data Scientist, Deputy of the Director


Bram has a masters in Geography, specialising in environmental issues and data-analyses, including GIS, coding (Python/R/Matlab), modelling and algorithm development. Since early 2018, Bram has been deputy director at the Belgian Interregional Environment Agency (IRCEL-CELINE). The Agency informs citizens about air pollution in Belgium and is also involved in several projects and scientific researches related to air quality. Bram is responsible for the European BE-GOOD project stimulating to use data in an innovative way, which includes a demo application of the healthiest route for citizens. Further, he is also looking to develop correction algorithms on existing models based on advanced statistical analysis and the use of machine learning models. In the framework of citizen science, he is also involved the development of an interactive data visualisation platform that will allow ordinary citizens to consult air pollution-related data in a more accessible way. The platform will be mainly based on Shiny apps that will be developed with coding in R.