• Founder, Wikipedia, World’s 5th
    Most Visited Website
  • Founder, WT.Social
  • U.S. Internet Entrepreneur and
    Wiki Pioneer
  • One of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”
  • Founder of the Wikimedia Foundation and 2013 Internet Hall of Fame inductee
  • Ranked by Forbes Magazine as a
    “Web Celeb”



  • Hello World Author & TV Presenter
  • Works alongside a unique mix of physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, architects & geographers to study the patterns in human behaviour
  • Hannah’s mathematical expertise has led to the development of several BBC documentaries incl. the Pandemic Social experiment & Horizon specials
  • TED Talk Speaker
  • 2018 Christopher Zeeman Medal winner
A-Z Speakers

Harib Bakhshi

Lead Data Scientist for UK and Ireland

Alexis Fournier

Director of AI Strategy

Kate Strachnyi

Data Visualization Specialist

Elizabeth Hollinger

Director of Insight

Maarten Masschelein

Co-Founder and CEO

Mandy Chessell

Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor

David Lipowitz

Solution Architect Leader

Dave Langton

VP of Product

Jesse McCabe

Director of Product Marketing

Nick Blievers

VP Engineering

Jochen Schlosser

Chief Strategy Officer

Justin Davies

App Innovation Business Lead

Paul Johnson

Product Manager

Ranil Boteju

Global Head of Data Analytics

Bill Inmon


Hannah Fry

Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL

Tim Berglund

Senior Director of Developer Advocacy

Karim Aboulasse

Citizen Digital ID Product Manager

Guy Adams


James Adams


Vyas Adhikari

Customer Facing Data Scientist

Jon Alvis

Data Governance Manager

Flemming Andersen

International Field Leader

Nicola Askham

The Data Governance Coach

Khurum Aslam

Assistant Director Business Architecture

André Balleyguier

Chief Data Scientist - EMEA

Antje Barth

Developer Advocate, AI and Machine Learning

Matt Basile

Azure Data Program Manager

Pradeep Bhanot

Director of Product Marketing

Tariq Bhatti

Head of Data and Analytics

Brent Biddulph

GM, Retail & Consumer Goods

Tony Bishop

Senior Vice President of Platform, Growth & Marketing

Ranil Boteju

Global Head of Data Analytics

Marcus Broome

Chief Platform Officer

Antje Bustamante

Director of Data & Analytics

Claudio Calvino

Managing Director - Data Science

Dara Canavan

Commercial Finance Manager

Bertand Cariou

Senior Director Product Marketing

Michael Carone

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Jo-fai Chow

Senior Data Science Evangelist

Jez Clark

CEO Eden Smith

Richard Clayton

Head of Data and Data Science

Antonio Cobo Cuenca

Delivery Manager

Des Conlon

Data Analyst

Christopher Conroy

Chief Data Officer

Anthony Cosgrove

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder

Steve Crosson Smith

Client Director

Doug Cutting

Chief Architect

Chris D’Agostino

Global Principal Technologist

Joydeep Das

VP, Products

Igor De Souza

Solution Architecture

Dale DeLoy

Director, SC

Christopher Dean

Former Head of Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Travis Perkins, City Plumbing Supplies Holdings

Nicholas Deveney

Director of Consulting and Emerging Technologies

Gaurav Dhillon

Chairman and CEO

Ted Dunning

Chief Technologist

Simon Elliston Ball

Director Product Management, Streaming Analytics and Cyber ML

Tom Fairbairn

Distinguished Engineer

Dr. Martin Fengler


Mike Ferguson

Managing Director

Rik Ferguson

Vice President Security Research

George Firican


Jeff Fletcher

Cloud Machine Learning Specialist

Jason Foster


Nicolas Frankel

Developer Advocate

Chris Fregly

Sr. Developer Advocate AI and Machine Learning

Ellen Friedman

Technical Evangelist

Tudor Galos

Senior Consultant

Ali Ghodsi

Co-founder & CEO, Original Creator of Apache Spark

Katie Gibbs

Founding Partner

Brett Gibson

Strategy & Value Consulting Director, EMEA

Sam Gillespie

Data Governance Offering Manager

Sophia Goldberg

Data Scientist

Kent Graziano

Chief Technical Evangelist

Barry Green

Interim Chief Data Officer

Margriet Groenendijk

Data & AI Developer Advocate

Gulsen Guler

Data literacy consultant

Linus Hakansson

Solutions Engineer

Matthew Halliday

Kamila Hankiewicz

Managing Director

Thomas Hecht

IT Project Lead

Andrew Henderson

Senior BI Manager

Richard Henderson

EMEA Team Lead Solution Architect

Monique Hesseling

Managing Director, Insurance

Helen Himmelman

Lead Data Visualisation Engineer

Amy Hodler

Director of Graph Analytics and AI Programmes

Andy Hopcraft

Technical Director

Glenn Hoskins

Senior Engineering Manager, Event Processing R&D

Will Huntoon

Head of BI

Irene Iriarte Carretero

Senior Data Scientist

Nick Jewell

Senior Director Product Marketing

Holly Kay

Account Manager

Brian Keare

Chief Information Officer

Konstantin Knauf

Head of Product

Rohan Kumar

Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, Microsoft

Shaun Leach

Director of Solutions Engineering

Amit Leibovitz

Data Scientist and Security Researcher

Alex Longden

Head of New Market Development

James Lupton


Lucy Lynch

Head of Graduate Partnerships

Justin Lyon


Ian Macdonald

Principal Technologist

Nicolas Maillard

Director of Field Engineering

Pierre Marchand

Chief Data Officer

Hilary Mason


Kiran Matty

Director of Product Management

Jason Maude

Chief Technology Advocate

Adam Mayer

Snr Technical Product Marketing Manager

Dave McCrory

VP of Growth, Head of Global Insights and Analytics

Patrick McFadin

VP of Developer Relations

Emma McGrattan

SVP of Engineering

Kieran Miller

Shaan Mistry

Technology Evangelist

Robin Moffatt

Senior Developer Advocate

Abbas Mooraj

Managing Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Alasdair Moore

CEO and Founder

Justin Mullen


Karl Murray

Sales Engineer

Mike Nixon

Solution Architect

Mick Nolen

Senior Solutions Engineer

Jerome O’Leary

Director of Enterprise Integration

Rob O’Neill

Head of Information

Alok Pareek

Founder and EVP Products

Josh Parenteau

Product Marketing

Chirag Patel

Lead Solutions Consultant

Priyank Patel

Senior Director of Products, Machine Learning

Patrick Peek

Solution Architect Data & Analytics

David Pilato

Developer | Evangelist

Gordon Pretorious

VP Engineering

Niresh Rajah

Senior Advisor, Head of Data & Regulatory services

Paige Roberts

Open Source Relations Manager

Kristel Sampson

Solutions Engineer

Chris Santiago

Director of Solution Engineering

Lauren Schaefer

Developer Advocate

Ben Schein

Vice President of Data Curiosity

Dirk Schneider

Senior Research Associate

Mary Schulte

Senior Systems Engineer

Floyd Smith

Sean Spediacci

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Paul Stansfield

Ind4.0 System Sales Manager NWE

Colin Stonelake

Consulting Account Partner

Matt Stubbs

Thomas Swallow

UK Business Development Manager

Scott Taylor

The Data Whisperer

Rob Thomas

Senior Vice President, Software

Nicole Thompson

Director of Social Innovation

Ed Thompson

CEO and Co-Founder

Emanuil Tolev

Community Engineer

Peggy Tsai

VP of Data Solutions

Sarah Turner

Head of Business Intelligence and Insight Delivery

Dimitri Vanoverbeke

Senior Solution Engineer

Ankur Verma

Managing Consultant

Kai Waehner

Technology Evangelist

Jimmy Wales


Susan Walsh


Mark Watney


Stephen Weston

Partner, Risk Advisory

Simon Whiteley

Director of Engineering

Steve Wilkes

Founder & CTO

Elliott Winskill

Product Manager

Kai Wolffram

Head of Analytics

Brian Wood

Research Director

Greta Workman

Customer & Product Marketing Manager

Alice Zhao

Senior Data Scientist

Amir Zipory

EMEA Technology Partners BDM