14:45 - 15:30  |  Keynote

Who is afraid of the big bad data wolf?

Wednesday 23 September 2020


Just like the classic children’s fable of “The Three Little Pigs”, data professionals can feel like they are constantly building data houses in the form of new infrastructure and technology. However, when the full force of data blows in, these houses reveal themselves to be made of straw or sticks (like the first two pigs in the fable) and will get blown down under the pressure. This fear extends beyond data teams to business users who become afraid to touch anything in the data house for fear of breaking something or doing something wrong. This session will explore these fears around the use of data and how strategic data governance can give people the confidence to be curious and explore data. Let’s work together to build a data house of brick that can withstand all the coming big bad data wolfs trying to blow it down.

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