14:00 - 14:45  |  Modern Data Architecture

Unified Analytics: How Vertica tackles today’s most pressing big data challenges

Wednesday 23 September 2020


Vertica is a Unified Analytics Warehouse, based on an MPP, column store, shared-nothing database designed to be highly scalable to support complex, modern analytical workloads for blazing-fast analytics. Trusted by the world's leading data-driven companies to deliver speed, scale, and reliability on mission-critical analytics, Vertica is powering a new wave of insights based on big data capability.

Join Flemming Andersen to learn how Unified Analytics can solve:

  • Data silos – Getting all your HDFS and object store data to work for you.
  • The reality of the cloud – It’s more expensive than we thought, and privacy and compliance issues abound.
  • Need to operationalise machine learning – How do you support critical BI needs, while putting data science into production?

Come and hear how we address these challenges, and where we’re putting our energy and resources into making the biggest difference among today’s analytical platforms.

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