14:45 - 15:30  |  DataOps

Rise of the Data Cloud

Thursday 24 September 2020


Every company in the world struggles with how to take the vast quantities of data and turn it into insight, quickly. Despite massive investments in technology and people, and consensus that data is a company’s key strategic asset, it’s something that even the world’s most innovative companies have not solved. The last couple decades have seen a massive migration to the cloud. Companies have made large strides in efficiently storing and processing massive amounts of data thanks to the emergence of the infrastructure clouds. But even with these innovations, companies continue to struggle with their old nemesis – data silos. How do we solve that problem? How can we make it easier for everyone to get seamless, governed access to all the data they need? Enter the Data Cloud - a new cloud that creates frictionless but governed access to the world’s data. This talk will introduce you to the Data Cloud, how it works, and the problems it solves for companies across the globe and across industries. This is the future of data!

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