14:00 - 14:45  |  Fast Data

Flink SQL: From Real-Time Pattern Detection to Online View Maintenance

Wednesday 23 September 2020


As stream processing becomes the standard for real-time analytics and event-driven applications, the pressure to efficiently derive insights from an ever-growing amount of data is unparalleled. And while we have more powerful tools than ever to build scalable and reliable data pipelines, the time and expertise required to master them is significant. SQL is making a comeback as a way to lower the entry barrier of this fast-paced data world, making the inherent potential of streaming data more accessible and more broadly used across organizations. Flink SQL is a high-level abstraction that is widely used to power business-critical applications at companies like Alibaba, Yelp, Uber or Huawei. In this talk we'll explore the basics of Flink SQL and showcase how you can easily build and deploy analytical applications ranging from real-time pattern detection to online view maintenance.

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