10:00 - 10:45  |  AI & Data Science

Enterprise AI: From Cost to Revenue Centre

Thursday 24 September 2020


In the coming years, the ability of organisations to pivot their activities around Enterprise AI will fundamentally determine their fate. Those able to efficiently leverage ML techniques to improve business operations and processes will get ahead of the competition. Of course, the keyword here is efficiently; it’s not enough for organisations to simply leverage ML techniques at any price. Eventually, in order for Enterprise AI strategy to be truly sustainable, one must consider the economics: not just gains, but cost. Common sense and economics tell us not to start from scratch every time you have a new idea, new use case to be tested/implemented. Reuse is the simple concept of avoiding too much rework in AI projects and the concept of capitalisation in Enterprise AI takes reuse to another level. This session will explain how Dataiku enables every organisation to benefit from AI by allowing people within the organisation to scale, providing transparency and reproducibility throughout - and across - teams.

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