15:30 - 16:15  |  Fast Data

DataOps for IoT – Leveraging Snowflake for IoT/Timeseries Data

Thursday 24 September 2020


DataOps for IoT (Gallium) is a machine learning algorithm that massively reduces the amount of IoT/time series data needed to be transported, stored or processed to achieve results with guaranteed accuracy. Huge volumes of data (terabytes and petabytes) that used to be too large to interrogate can now be explored in seconds in Snowflake. Join Guy Adams and Justin Mullen for this session about how Gallium reduces the amount of data you use for key decision making to 1% and maintains a guaranteed accuracy rate of 99%. Get 700x faster analytics. See how reports and dashboards, based on terrabytes of data, that used to take hours to generate can be done in seconds in Snowflake.

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