14:00 - 14:45  |  Keynote

Data for Good: Driving Economic & Environmental Transformation

Thursday 24 September 2020


Today IoT technology is enabling smart cities, improving supply chains, and connecting homes, but among its noblest applications is reducing climate change. In the presentation, learn how a data-led partnership between UK utilities and technology and mobility companies (like Uber and other fleet providers) is using road transport-generated data to invest in environmentally sound infrastructure. The partnership, which will run up to 2023, facilitates a £35 million study into the impact of commercial electric vehicles on the UK electric grid and will investigate how data analysis can help accelerate the roll-out of electric vehicles and low carbon transport while minimizing the costs for electricity bill payers. Beyond utilities and commercial vehicles this case study has broader implications and offers lessons for all companies looking to do more good with IoT and digital transformation.

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