10:00 - 10:45  |  BI & Analytics

COVID-19: The Catalyst to Digital Change

Wednesday 23 September 2020


For all the challenges COVID-19 has presented in our personal and business lives, it has also acted as the catalyst for digital change that many organisations needed. To not only survive, but thrive, businesses have had to quickly adapt to this ever-changing landscape.

Join Dara Canavan, Commercial Finance Manager at Quidel, and our host Shaan Mistry, Technology Evangelist at Alteryx, to discover a real-life success story in the face of unprecedented business challenges. In just eight short months, Dara has single-handedly transformed the analytic processes for the EMEA business at Quidel through the adoption of Analytic Process Automation, resulting in:

  • Streamlined reporting processes – a 2-3 day data-gathering process now runs in 2-3 minutes
  • Shortened reporting cycles – a fortnightly reporting cadence has been accelerated to daily
  • Real-time actionable insights – the sales team have unparalleled visibility into their account activity, territory mapping (thanks to geospatial analytics), and performance against plan, enabling them to focus their efforts and discover untapped opportunities.

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