10:45 - 11:30  |  Data Driven

Architecting for Global Real-time Fraud prevention with a Performant Data Platform

Wednesday 23 September 2020


Creating the world’s largest digital identity platform requires decisioning based on analysis of data from a number of global sources in real-time. Any digital business, regardless of industry, depends on speed and efficiency to drive operational decisions. Making faster, accurate, and real-time customer trust decisions removes friction and delivers superior business outcomes. 

In this session, Nick Blievers, VP Engineering at ThreatMetrix®, will discuss how:

  • Risk-based authentication leveraging digital identities is key to empowering customer transactions
  • Real-time customer trust decisions can reduce fraud and improve customer satisfaction
  • Selecting the right high performance data platform can improve decisioning and avoid spiralling complexity
  • Machine learning is powered at the data layer

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