15:30 - 16:15  |  Data Driven

Agent-based modelling and simulation, and agent-based modelling of counterparty behaviour

Wednesday 23 September 2020


The real world is made up of billions of unique individuals. Building models to gain insight from their behaviour from the micro to the macro level has (until recently) presented significant challenges. This talk will introduce and discuss applications of agent-based modelling, which provides a unique “bottom-up” approach to addressing such challenges.

Key takeaways:
· Agent-based modelling connects emotional, cognitive and social dynamics – a unique capability that bridges between epidemiological and financial risk. Add agent-based modelling to your toolkit as the only approach that is generative and captures emergent behaviour correctly, without using predefined hypotheses.
· Look at alternative versions of the future, in a complementary fashion to machine learning and analytics using prescriptive analytics, helping you to decide ‘what should be done?’.

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