Accelerate your Data transformation journey with a Modern Cloud Data Architecture

Join the team from Punchh, disruptor & leader in customer loyalty and engagement solutions for physical retailers.

Learn how Punchh harnesses AI & Data Analytics to enable data-driven, AI powered customer experiences & customer lifetime value. The Punchh Loyalty and Engagement Platform, powered through artificial intelligence, guides consumers through their lifecycle from first-time customer to superfan, building meaningful relationships and dramatically increasing lifetime customer value.
Presenters: Xin Heng, VP of Data and Gaurish Sharma, DPO, Senior Director Engineering

Second Talk:
There are many layers in a modern cloud data architecture, but two layers stand out because they determine success or failure: the cloud data platform and cloud data integration. Databricks & Fivetran partner to help data teams automate the integration of modern data sources to build operational analytics and machine learning applications.
Presenters: Ryan Simpson, Partner Solution Architect, Databricks

Recorded 30 June 2020

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