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Visokio builds Omniscope – business intelligence software for data processing, analytics and reporting.
Omniscope allows you to blend and analyse data in any shape, extract insights through analytics algorithms, produce interactive reports and dashboards, all-in-one solution with one responsive UX on multiple devices.

We have recently released our new app - Evo, the next generation of Omniscope, written from scratch to solve scalability, embracing machine learning and providing a fresh and smart experience.
It's your best tool to collaborate on workflows and share dashboards on the web. It’s open, so augment data workflows with custom Python / R scripts and enhance reports with any JS based visualisation (eg. from D3).

Omniscope is typically used to aid financial, marketing and commercial decisions, extracting value from data by observing or predicting trends via ML or through visual exploration to "tell a story" about data.
Omniscope is your complete solution: from data, through analytics to visualisation.