The Oakland Group

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We’re the Oakland Group – The home of the data integrators.
We bring together process, governance and advanced analytics to deliver value for your business.
We don’t believe in silver bullets but we passionately believe opportunity is at the intersection of these 3 things. We’re not selling tools, we embrace the fact our clients are different both in challenges, tech stack and ambitions. We build custom solutions that add value to your business. We use machine learning and AI but also recognise that it is not the answer to everything. Your business needs the full range of descriptive analysis, self-serve and advanced tools along with the ability to do the data engineering required to access, organise, transform and present your data.
For over 35 years we’ve been bringing our down to earth, professional approach to create long lasting transformative change to some of the UK’s biggest organisations.
By combining our years of hard-won operational excellence with the incredible possibilities offered by advanced analytics, we bring leading edge thinking to uncover valuable insights from data, solving real-world difficult problems and driving cultural change.