Meteomatics Overview: We are a meteorological data business, enabling new and innovative applications of weather data across industry, globally. Our mission is to unlock the value of meteorological data and help / advise the application of meteorological data to better inform decision making, both autonomously and with humans in the loop.

Meteomatics' Weather API removes the complexity of handling and processing weather data, as forecast models are typically large in size and often available in a wide variety of data formats. Meteomatics processes the data to improve its quality and standardise the output, enabling Meteomatics' Weather API to calculate and return users queries at speed, enabling industries across the globe to leverage the value of weather data.

Meteomatics' Weather API is compatible with a wide range of open source data connectors and data formats, such as CSV, R, Matlab, Python, C++, Golang and many others, Plus our Web Mapping Service allow users to build cool visualisations, all using the same API endpoint.

Meteomatics is an International business with global coverage and expert staff, our headquarters are in St Gallen Switzerland with offices in Germany and the UK. Our Meteorological and Data Science Teams apply precision downscaling and calibration techniques to the latest weather forecast models, observations, radar information, and satellite data that we aggregate from the world leading Meteorological Services and Scientific Institutions.

Finally, we design and build our own weather drones (meteodrones) to accurately measure the lower atmosphere, which can be difficult to obtain using traditional methods. At Meteomatics, we really understand how to assimilate drone, traditional sensor and IoT data into high resolution local weather forecasting to deliver highly accurate weather data to our customers.