Imply is the leading real-time data platform for self-service analytics. Imply combines the market's most feature-rich version of Apache Druid with the security, deployment, management and monitoring needed for business critical deployments, and an intuitive self-service analytics interface needed to power data-driven decisions for thousands of business users. Imply can be combined with message buses like Kafka or Kinesis and Spark as an analytics platform for real-time streaming data. Imply has helped Global 2000 leaders in telecommunications, media, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and SaaS succeed across a broad range of real- time analytics use cases. Visit https://imply.io/ to learn more. Also, take the Imply (Apache Druid) survey and be entered for a chance to win Apple AirPods: https://go.imply.io/Big-Data-London-Survey.html